Will the employee stay in our company? Or not?

To me, Personality has nothing to do with it.

There are often interviewers who look at a job candidate’s personality and motivation, but I personally don’t do it.

Maybe some people can do it, but In the first place, I think it’s impossible to see through a person’s character in a few hours of interviewing.

They can easily put on a mask and be friendly only during an interview.

Instead of looking at how you feel towards the candidates at that moment, look at the past (previous salary and work style) of them at the application stage.

Then, on the day of the interview, ask them to make a promise, asking if they can follow the rules of our salon.

Put it another way, I just want to know if we can make their life better than before? That’s it.

If they have a goal such as “to be able to be independent” or “to have aspirations”, then I will judge them based on a different standard. But basically, all I look at for my massage business is the match in terms of time and salary, work environment.

If they think what we provide is not making their lives better, I won’t even let them visit and have an interview with us. It’s a waste of time for both parties.