Beauty Massage Salon

How our Japanese Cranial Massage business went this week

Well, our Massage salon is located in Auckland so still, we won’t be able to operate under Alert Level 2. I know we can’t do anything, but still frustrating a bit.

However, when you think about what our salon was like this time last year, we had only 1 therapist and now we have 1 more therapist ready to start as soon as the Alert Level goes down to Level 2 and another therapist potentially start training too so it will be big progress. let’s see how we go over the next month.

Another positive is that most of our customers who needed to be rescheduled due to lockdown are more than happy to be rescheduled to the month of October, so I can see already our October getting fully booked! This saves our ads budget thanks to our loyal customers.

In the meantime, I got contacted by the massage and beauty business owner who had minor personal conflict between 2 therapists that could have spiralled into something bigger. The 2 therapists sorted it out and apologised to each other so that is great, but he was asking how he can prevent this from happening again.

This is a very typical event and I knew that there is always a chance that conflict might happen if I run the salon where therapists have to work together. On top of that, the conflicts need to be sorted out early as it is easy to lose team members when things fester and blow up.

I told him that I don’t want to always keep an eye on those team dynamics in business because I can try other things that I want to do in my life. I love my current business, but I don’t think I would like to dedicate my entire life to this business.

So I designed to manage my massage and beauty business in a semi-automated way so that business can run without me always watching over them.

Although we are still in alert level 3, overall we are super positive about having a great year to finish.