I was selected as one of the 14 participants from expert forum in Forbes.

I was selected as one of the 14 participants in the panel discussion at the Forbes Business Council, which I have been participating in since last year.

Why was I chosen?

It’s my own guess, but I think that if you keep making quality contributions by answering the questions posed in the Expert Panel, you will be selected.

In fact, I’ve answered about 10 questions so far in Forbes over the past 3 months, and this is the first time I’ve been picked 🎉.

It’s possible that my previous answers were not what Forbes was looking for, but I don’t think there was enough of a difference in quality in my previous answers.

Incidentally, the maximum PageView for an individual post is 100/day, but the selected panel’s post has about 400 PageView in a day, so I can’t ignore the contributions to the panel either🙏.

As for future tasks, so far I haven’t received any business consultation Requests from people who saw the article, so I’ll continue to test my hypothesis. In the end, if it doesn’t lead to a job opportunity, I won’t be able to continue, so I need to make sure that I don’t get swayed in my judging points.

In order to continue my test, I’m thinking of contributing at least one personal article every month, and participating in at least 10 expert panel discussions in a month where I can answer questions, so that I can be selected for a panel at least once a month 🤞.

Once you decide to do it, don’t worry and keep taking action or else you get lost in the process 😊.

Here is the link to my comment in the Forbes Magazine.