Beauty Massage Salon

Stick with what’s working

For the beauty salon I’m part of, we mostly use social media, especially Facebook, to get new clients. Some of our ads get lots of comments, almost 700 sometimes!

These comments often turn into bookings, bringing us new customers. Some of our ads have been running for about three years now.

We haven’t done anything special; we just keep using what works.

But some people say you should change ads often to keep things fresh. While that might be true for some businesses, we think if something’s still bringing in customers, why change it?

In the past, whenever something worked well, we’d quickly look for new ways to do things instead of sticking with what worked. Sometimes, this led to us dropping things that were working just fine.

From those mistakes, we learned that instead of always looking for something new, it’s better to keep improving what’s already working.

So, let’s value what we have and keep making it better.