Navigating Relationships with super-skilled Employees

I don’t make super-skilled workers in my company because they might want to do their own thing.

But guess what? We can still be in a good relationship even if they leave!

The Challenge of Doing Your Own Thing

Sometimes, these amazing employees feel a bit stuck. They might want to try doing things on their own instead of being with our team.

So, the big question is: “Why stay with us when they can do cool things on their own?”

The Secret of Having a Clear Reason

If our employees have a good reason to stay with us, they probably will! It could be because they feel safe, want to help our team grow, or find special opportunities here. But making sure they stay happy can be a bit tricky.

Getting Ready for Big Dreams

Sometimes, our super-skilled employees dream about doing their own special projects. Instead of saying, “You have to stay with us or leave,” we can get ready to help them with their dreams!

We can give them things like their own special website, help them learn new things, or even support them with money. This way, they can try out their cool ideas while still being part of our team.

The Support Plan

Imagine if, when our super-skilled employee first joined, we already knew they might want to do things on their own in a few years. We could plan for it from the start!

We could write it down in a special paper and agree to help them when the time comes. We might also talk about how we can both win when their new projects become successful.

Turning Goodbyes into Hellos

With these plans, when our super-skilled employees decide to leave, it’s not sad at all! It’s like saying, “See you later!” We can be happy for them because we helped them grow, and they can come back and tell us about all the cool things they’re doing.

So, let’s be good friends each other and help each other, even if our awesome employees want to try something new. It can make everyone happy and successful!

Yuzuru Ishikawa
Small Business Growth Specialist | Director at Globalcube Limited | CMO for Kesae Total Balance: Beauty Massage Salon | I specialise in helping small local businesses that aspire to expand to a nationwide scale |