Getting Ready to Expand: Speed Matters

Today, let’s talk about getting ready and the right mindset for growing your business quickly.

Hold Off Until You’re Clear

Before jumping into expansion, it’s crucial to be clear about what you’re doing. Rushing without a clear plan can be risky.

Knowing the Limits

Understanding how far you can go safely is key for long-term success. Going beyond a certain point might lead to instability, making some branches not perform well.

Navigating the Speed

Knowing when to speed up, slow down, or change direction is like driving a car. Going full speed without the option to slow down or change course can be risky.

Clarity is the Foundation

Many businesses struggle to grow because they lack clarity. If you can’t understand why one employee did well, it’s hard to replicate success.

Success is Individual

Success often depends on a person’s qualities more than the company’s support. Specialists, aiming for career success, might consider working for themselves to earn more.

The “Broken Castle” Model

Specialists aim to excel in their careers and want more money. But companies have limits on how much they can pay. This leads specialists or super-skilled employees to think about working independently.

Faster Growth is Fine

If it works, faster growth is acceptable. Choosing the right position and management style is crucial. Even in a “Broken Castle” scenario, if successful hires outnumber resignations, the business can succeed.

Example from Kesae Total Balance

At Kesae Total Balance, a staff member learned the skills, got clients, and kept them coming back. New clients were at 80%, existing clients at 90%, and therapists generated $3000 to $5000 in 6-8 months, opening new branches.

Successful scaling requires understanding your business deeply. Few entrepreneurs open multiple locations because they can’t articulate and prove their business hypotheses.

No Time to Wait

Business lifespans are getting shorter, so there’s urgency. Adapt to changes quickly because rules are always changing. Planning for long-term scaling might become challenging.

Scale What You Can Now!