we often get in our own way and limit our potential

Today, I want to share the message I sent to one of my friends, who is near and dear to my heart. He recently was unwell and a tumor was discovered in his liver.

I stay in touch with him regularly and I am thinking of him every day, especially I invite him to my space in my heart just before going to bed to share the moment.

Anyway, he was leaning into the dark side after a recent assessment and diagnosis from Doctor so I decided to become a reminder for him.

I had to take at least an hour before sending this message to him because I know I wanted to be an external trigger for his internal trigger to get activated to get revitalised and energised. Also, I needed to remind myself to measure myself based on input and integrity instead of result and output. Anyway, here we go.
I today came across this guidance:

“All kinds of obstacles will arise on our way to becoming happy. But we must press on for our own and others’ happiness. If the land is blocked, for instance, then we will quickly have to think of new, alternative ways to proceed, such as going by air or sea, and keep moving forward. We can’t allow ourselves to be defeated”

I believe that is what you have been doing and you have been so far guided to have the strength to pave the way that is the reason you are still battling to survive.

What I realized from this guidance is that we often think of obstacles as something external such as the tumor you are facing right now, but I knew that we often get in our way and limit our potential, manipulating the game of the universe that can possibly harness the unlimited potential, but we perceive through our contaminated or toxic mind that crowds your wisdom that does not allow us to see it.

Please realise and know that you polish your mirror day after day so that contaminated lenses don’t get in your way.

Also, please celebrate each day to empower your inner space since I am 100% confident that you are living your very very best at all costs every nanosecond.

With being said, I continue to pray for the happiness of you and your family with the intention that this tumor is the greatest crisis that you can use as an opportunity to become truly happy.

Thanks for your fight, really appreciate you choosing the path of courage to show off the validity of human potential.

The reason I thought of sharing this here is that I thought this message can resonate in the business space since we all are challenged with roadblocks in some way.