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I had some oysters while on a business trip in Auckland

I had some oysters while on a business trip in Auckland.

As part of our recruitment efforts, we also held a tea party in Auckland, and we drove about 30 minutes from our beauty alignment salon to have some oysters. The atmosphere was completely different from the hustle and bustle of Auckland, and the scenery was like that of the South Island where I live.

Some people have oysters prepared for them at the restaurant, but we are greedy and wanted to eat a lot, so we bought them from a nearby shop and brought a portable stove, wire mesh, and dishes to make and eat them ourselves. At first, I was embarrassed because no one else around us was cooking their own food, but everyone looked at us with curious and envious eyes.

Actually, making them ourselves allowed us to cook them to our liking and eat as much as we wanted, so it turned out to be a good decision. The only disappointment was that I wanted to invite the husband of the salon owner who I usually work with, but he had an allergic reaction to oysters a year ago and had to decline. So this time, I went with only the salon owner.

Although the main purpose of the trip was the job interview, taking the time to relax together also made the work more productive. It also allowed us to touch on things that we couldn’t discuss online, and I realized that things I hadn’t thought of could actually be helpful. It made me realize that meeting in person is still a good thing.