The importance of offline activities

If you have something you want to convey or if you want to deliver a product or service, it is inefficient to speak to each person individually. That’s why we use the internet to carry out various activities online. However, I personally think it is not always optimal to complete everything online.

Today, I would like to share the importance of offline activities that I have realized through various online activities that I have been doing so far.

Advantages and disadvantages of online activities

The biggest advantage of online activities is leverage. The amount of people we can reach online is way much more than the one we can reach offline.

On the other hand, hospitality cannot be provided online. User behavior is self-service in online situations. As users are not physically present, it is impossible to respond sensitively to their psychological state and subtle nuances.

Users only receive information unilaterally, and the moment inappropriate (i.e. not meeting user expectations) content is shown, they just leave.

For these reasons, focusing on leverage, the biggest advantage, and concentrating on “quantity” is the theory in online activities.

Understanding what can and cannot be done online is essential. If you force online activities, you may even reduce efficiency, so you need to carefully judge which action is appropriate.

The importance and role of offline activities

The advantages and disadvantages of online activities can be reversed when thinking about offline activities. In other words, offline activities are good at improving “quality.”

Examining the “quantity” gathered online, and making proposals by grasping the nuances of face-to-face users. This is particularly effective for selling high-priced products.

For example, in the case of Kesae Total Balance, it would be face-to-face meetings for the contractor or skill school.

Also, as a characteristic of content, the closer it is to real life, the higher the rate of emotional change in users. This means that engagement and fan development are more likely to occur.

Idol activities are a clear example. The emotions when listening to a CD at home and when seeing it in person at a venue are significantly different.

Real > Live > Flow > Stock

How much direct impact has on people’s lives increases in this order.

Accelerating business by deploying a hybrid of online and offline activities

Both quality and quantity are important, and both have their strengths and weaknesses.

By excuting a hybrid strategy that does both, the business can accelerate.

We position offline activities to align the impact of online activities. It is recommended to confirm where to automate and realize the system and where to use your time.

If you try to automate your business with the online activities without realizing that there was offline activity involvement, which contributed to conversion so far, you may suddenly stop converting. Understanding the concepts of online and offline activities will help you prevent these errors from happening.