Entrepreneurship/ Personal Development

You are the cause of your own problems.

When problems occur within a company, some people blame the staff who quit or the environment.

It is understandable that it is tempting to blame others or external factors, but in most cases, the cause of the problem is the manager or business owner themselves.

If they hire the staff, make them independent, and make them do what they want, but they end up leaving the company or becoming independent, you are setting a mine and stepping onto it yourself.

If you think of it as a social or human story, independence and freedom may be wonderful.

The important thing to remember is that if your current environment is not what you had hoped for, then you have made the wrong choices and taken the wrong actions.

People who accumulate successes, not just a single success, are able to notice those small discomforts and mistakes.

By improving your perspective, you can acquire both a bird’s eye view that allows you to see far and wide, as well as a narrow and deep perspective that allows you to see things deeply.