Entrepreneurship/ Personal Development

A business model where everyone involved getting wins will grow in size on its own

There are a few things I pay attention to when developing my own business, but one of the most important key elements I always consider when I do start a new project is to make sure the people involved in the business all win.

Build a win-win relationship that benefits all the people involved with you.

When we start a business, we work with a team of managers, including myself, who are in charge of marketing and sometimes production, as well as people who assist with secretarial services.

Naturally, each has a role, and all of them are important jobs. No matter what position you take, we want to be confident that people will be fully satisfied with the way they are treated and the content of the work they produce is acknowledged.

What I’m trying to keep in mind here is that I don’t want anyone to lose anything while someone else gains something in the process of working with me together as a team.

When there is no fairground within the team, it is easy to create hindsight and leave grudges behind, and the team breaks down naturally, not from outside, but from inside.

That means the business becomes unsustainable.

So, when I build a business team, I always look out for the best interests of the other party, and if someone other than the head of the team is behaving in a way that allows them to force their personal opinions through, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask them to leave.

The people around you have to be on the same stage.

This means that everyone around me, including myself, is on the same level and sees the same picture we want to paint.

If someone is still at a lower stage, they need to make an effort to bring themselves to a higher level, and if someone is at a higher stage, they need to study and make an effort to get to that level.

A person who always learns and takes action both on his own and those around him.

People who do business are working hard every day to learn the latest information and learn more about their business, so if you “do nothing,” you will be surely left behind in the business world, especially nowadays with the environment evolving ever faster than the past.

That’s why I sometimes ask people to work hard to get through the business because the bar is high. Of course, I am not directly encouraging them to study hard, but I will ask them the question or share my opinion or share what I am doing to help them feel that they too need to bring up to the next level if they want to work together.

This is because the market is always evolving, and responding to it requires up-to-date information and optimal action.

We share the same values.

So far with my business, we have been able to share the same values in terms of direction and speed by standing on the same stage and constantly updating ourselves.

By sharing the same values, you can avoid misunderstandings and avoid wasting time explaining your actions, so your business can always make the best decisions and actions.

However, this rule does not apply to every business I run. I do massage business with my partner who had quite a different value, but I don’t care as long as we abide by the rule we set out to move forward in the same direction together.

Because if I tried to ask my partner to adjust her value to match that of mine, it will create traction and we don’t need to cause this trouble as long as we can control it by setting up the rule.

We will make the utmost effort not to fall out of business circles we plan out.

As you can see above, everyone, including myself, is working hard to move forward in a friendly competitive manner because you can’t walk around dragging someone who can’t keep up with you.

Dragging them out is a burden on everyone including the person who gets dragged down, and it also slows down business development.

And the person who is dragged down will become demeaned or indulged, which will only be bad for the business.

The person who can’t keep up with our business means nothing to do with good or bad, it simply means their level is not up to the level to work together with us at that stage, that is all.

We will lift them up by taking a humanistic and business approach to the next level.

We will try to bring them up to the same level as everyone else if they want to, so as not to drag them down.

It can be a way of giving advice and direction and then letting them act on their own to get results.

If you can act on your own and get results, it will lead to confidence and be able to make better decisions and actions.

Share the “assets”

This asset refers to the latest information you know, the knowledge you’ve cultivated, and the connections you’ve made with people.

I try to share what I have learned and acted on so far, and sometimes work hard together so that everyone can work on the same stage.

Everyone faces the business at the same stage and there is nothing to hide behind our back, so there is no “wasted time” in team conflicts and turnover, and you can give 100% to your work.

If you’re winning alone, you might be taking it away from someone else.

In my personal opinion, a business model in which only you make money and others lose money will not last.

In the short term, they may monopolize the profits and become so satisfied with the power they were able to gain.

However, in the business that I have been doing, the person who oppressed me to take advantage of me, or the person who is around me with “the same kind of thinking” normally think only of their own convenience, betrayed at some timing and will become parting and fade away.

It applies to me too but the selfish actions that I have taken in the past will eventually come back to me. That’s how I see it.

Work with “trustworthy” colleagues.

As described above, I consider a fair partner who moves in the same direction and makes an effort, and is fair to others as a “reliable partner”.

These people and I are talking about the future and doing business together.

I hope that I can continue to connect and get to know people like that through my business.