Why does Kesae Total Balance narrow down the number of menu items?

There are only four menus at Kesae Total balance.

In fact, if you look at our website, you’ll see that

– Facial Cranial Treatment
– Hip Massage
– Deluxe Cranial Treatment (pretty much full-body except arms and fingers.)
– Kesae Cranial Treatment (full-body)

There are only four menus.

We don’t have a back-end menu, and we don’t offer anything that is not on the menu. Even if a customer asks for deep tissue massage or a customer whose male partner want a massage (Kesae Total Balance is for female only)

Why do we keep on such a small menu?

1, A do-it-all shop is not chosen.

If you try to accept any kind of menu, the concept of your website will become blurred and we won’t be able to penetrate our concept to the people in the market.

The important thing is to specialize in delivering what you do.

There are so many beauty and massage salons in the world.

If I create a website that looks like a normal salon, which is the majority, our massage salon will not be chosen.

I can’t just create a typical store with a typical menu, a typical price, and a typical interior.

There are many business owners who try to do everything they can with their efforts, yet as a result, they are unfortunately not chosen by customers.

That is why we narrow down our menu, develop a concept, and create a reason to be chosen by our ideal customers.

We wanted to attract customers who want to receive OUR service, not just “I came because it’s nearby.”

We chose our ideal customers in detail so we can say, “If you are after this service, then we can make a booking for you ” or “If you are after that service, then we don’t provide that service, unfortunately, but thanks for contacting us”