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Be the master of your business, do not let your business master you.

It is dangerous to build an organization that relies on human resources.

Excellent people are excellent and will eventually become independent.

Naturally, there is no way to fill in the gaps because it is not reproducible, but this is not the case if there is a system.

Rather than relying on a few geniuses, a business can be stabilized by creating a system that is made up of only ordinary people.

Put it another way, the best way to grow is not to rely upon the core of growth to individual staff members, but to grow it as a system executed in the company and return the profits to the staff.

Because the staff does not quit, there is no phenomenon of taking three steps forward and two steps back.

Many business owners come to me for advice because they are tired of running their own businesses.

They are afraid that their employees will leave their jobs, so they became so sensitive about their employees’ reactions, being so conscious of what they are thinking of you and because they don’t want their employees to quit, they accept their employees’ mood changes, which leads to a change in the whole brand concept and a decline in quality.

I feel so scared when I think about this story but this is happening everywhere.

If you are the business owner, you are the one who controls the ship. You decide where you go, what you need, who you need.

Be the master of your business, do not let your business master you.