Do not focus on providing the answer, but creating your own space and inviting them to join.

This is a discussion from the perspective of content marketing, which I became so conscious of when I started to be involved in running our own massage business.

In the online space, “content” has already reached saturation, and all information exists on the internet, including information about massage. When this situation happened, we see weaker reactions to posts, even if we keep posting continuously. When the market is over-saturated, everyone starts looking for the “correct” answer, and rewriting existing information found online in their own words, for example, a tutorial on how to realign your body.

In the case of realignment, the principles are the same and so is business.

Everyone knows the importance of repeat rates. The more objective the content is, the more normalized it will become, which looks to people as just a reposting of common understanding. If you keep saying the same thing, you will only get similar results from that post.

Therefore, to stand out and grow, the current perception is to “Not focus on providing the answer, but rather creating your own space and inviting them to join in.” The more authentic you become, the more unique flavor can be added, rather than similar content to other posts in general.

This actually applies to both technology and management space.

By doing so, even in cases where beauty massage salons were previously competitors in the market, by implementing this new perspective that I shared above, you can mitigate the risk of being compared to other beauty massage salons. Rather, your focus is on how to steal time from users since time is the most important commodity for all businesses now.

Allow people to give us time, get them excited about your brand, and help them develop an integral relationship with us and transaction follows sometime.

By developing this process and protecting the progress of the shift, our competitors shift from the massage business to becoming someone like “YouTubers” because we are competing against time from people in the market.

If you continue to pursue to provide the correct answer, it will be a battle within the same industry or “common understanding in general” but by developing your own space with your integrity and authenticity, it is definitely possible to stand out of the beauty massage salon competition and move on to a different arena.

Therefore, for Kesae Total Balance, I personally believe we are not competing in the massage industry but are in other industries. And it constantly changes that requires us to adjust our approach to survive and thrive.

● Customer ⇒ Competing for a time with the audience

  • We are on the same line and being compared with things that provide value and time our audience consumes

● Massage therapist or Stay at home mum (Job seekers) ⇒ Competing for jobs

  • Jobs other than the profession of Massage therapist are our competitors

Just like how Amazon is a competitor to Google, and Google competes with Toyota, I think it is very natural for us to focus on how much value we can provide and how deep we can develop the relationship with the audience that creates space for trust and safety which allows us to earn the right to invite their time, money, and values.