Beauty Massage Salon

Our new therapist will almost finish her training.

Our new therapist will almost finish her training and start her own salon under our franchise.

The area where she will be opening her massage space is next to the area where we already established our business space and we are currently too busy to take bookings and need to ask customers to wait for a month, particularly on weekends so I think having our new space in that area helps customers to take a booking easier.

I personally felt stressed and frustrated with the speed of our scaling, yet I need to push aside my subjective lenses to keep the optimum pace possible for our business to be allowed to exist and thrive.

We are committed to open 10 spaces in 10 locations till the end of 2023 so we will keep our momentum going^^

I am so grateful of the continuous efforts put into our business by our owner therapist, Thank you so much!!