5 steps to create product that is guaranteed to succeed

I have a lot of opportunities to talk to entrepreneurs who struggle to create products.

They struggle because they don’t know how to productise their idea, solution, etc.

But I believe the undertow of these issues is them not understanding what they really need to understand to create it.

From my perspective, I think they become so romantic about the power of strategy and tactics, which seems to be talked about a lot in the business space, but not know what is happening behind that strategies and tactics. And we don’t get to know about those behind the door unless we dig deep.

However, there is always one thing that is required to create success. That is to develop the relationship with customers.

I know you might say that is so common knowledge, but it is different from common practice. Knowledge itself is not the power, but the potential power to succeed so you need to develop the ability to apply that knowledge every time you gain it to earn the right to benefit from it.

Once you start focusing on developing that relationship whichever way you go to do so, success is the byproduct of it.

And to do that, It’s important to listen to the voice of someone who is in trouble in front of you. When I started a business:

  1. Learn what is necessary
  2. Share the results of what I have learned
  3. People who are having the same difficulties will come to listen to me
  4. Give advice and support
  5. They became my customers

Consistency is the key and if you continue this pattern, the people around you should be filled with people who should be supported by you because they get magnetised by your content.

I myself wanted to do franchising because we see women who want to start their own businesses even though they have small kids to look after, but they want to start a home-based business.

Also, the website business that I am working on behind the scenes was started because I was asked to take care of a certain owner’s website.

All of these things were made into businesses by watching, engaging in conversation with people and listening to the voices of the people and working on them.

By developing the ability to support others and practicing it, you can literally help everyone you meet and create the potential for them to become your customers.

Having the perspective of continuing to stack up products to support people you meet from an audience-first perspective, and being able to help people you meet in life, unlimited space for growth is waiting for your business.