We swam with dolphins^^

From January 5th to yesterday, we went with our friends and family to spend the holidays at a place called Curio Bay, about a 3-hour drive south of here.

We chose this place because she heard a rumor that you can swim with the dolphins and she really wanted to go. But in my mind, I thought, “No, no, no, that’s only if you’re lucky, and even if you can swim, you have to go out to deep-sea I guess. So I headed there without much expectation😅.

This time we used Airbnb again and rented one big house for two families. We were greeted by our host as soon as we arrived and she told us that “dolphins usually come to the shallow end of the ocean” 😂

We went bodyboarding in the ocean on the first day of our arrival, hoping that the locals were telling the truth.

When we arrived, there were already a few people surfing. The waves were bigger than I expected, but it was still easy to ride, and the sand was relatively flat and easy to walk on, so it was easy for the kids to swim in.

When I entered the sea, I saw a dolphin riding the waves 🐋.

When there were no waves, we could only see the fins, but every time there was a big wave, the dolphins would jump like they were riding a wave 👏.

So, we had a great time on our holiday again. I’ve been in the ocean every day, and I’ve had a lot of fun, so I’m ready to get back to work!

I couldn’t take a picture of myself swimming with the dolphins, so I put up a picture of the waterfall I took when I went for a walk. It felt so good!