The first day of work for our company was yesterday, January 3rd.

Our beauty salon was supposed to start on the 4th of January, but our therapist took it easy at the end of the year and had a really relaxing time then, so they said they want to start on the 3rd 😀.

I’m glad that we were able to start the year 2022 without anyone getting injured during the vacations or catching a corona virus^^

As of January 2022, we had 3 people working in the beauty salon including myself who is in charge of marketing and management.

This year, we are planning to open our beauty salon in a new area if we manage to find a potential therapist, so I don’t know how many people we will have in our beauty massage salon by the end of the year, but I would like to devote myself to it without veering off of my initial vow I made at the start.

As for the advisory business, I had a meeting with the representative of the Manuka honey company via Zoom on the 3rd of January.

Through this meeting, we were able to draw up an action plan that will allow us to move without hesitation for at least half a year this year. As for our company, we will continue to deliver the precious Manuka honey to as many people as possible who need it!

As for the distributor business, more than 30 people have decided to join our team which we are so stoked about, and started to sell our products in various ways, including individual sales and wholesale to stores.

The growth in the second half of 2021 is the result of our more aggressive efforts to meet new people by our company director. We will also continue to use the SNS platform LinkedIn more effectively to our advantage in 2022.

A store in Daikanyama, which has decided to distribute Manuka honey from us, said, “I’ve been waiting for this kind of product!!.” They have prepared an interview for us in the near future 2022, so we will carefully foster our relationship with them!

Anyway I’m going to do my best…(*^_^*)

Yuzuru Ishikawa
Small Business Growth Specialist | Director at Globalcube Limited | CMO for Kesae Total Balance: Beauty Massage Salon | I specialise in helping small local businesses that aspire to expand to a nationwide scale |