Entrepreneurship/ Personal Development

There are two types of people who can get results.

I’d like to share with you a couple of things that I’ve learned about people who can get results.

In my mind, there are two types of people who can get results.

  1. The “action crazy type” who doesn’t think things through and just does what they have to do.
  2. The “observational crazy type” who analyzes and captures the center pin properly.

Do you have a grasp of the success factors that you can talk about in numbers?

In business, there are key success factors to achieve business results and goals.

In the case of a retail business like a massage business where there is repeat business

  1. Attracting new customers
  2. Repeat customers
  3. Recruiting
  4. Decrease in turnover

These are the four success factors.

And it is important to figure out what is increasing the numbers of these factors.

For example, are efforts such as “job satisfaction,” “love for employees,” “lots of time for consultation,” and “communication skills” increasing these factors?

The key to growth is how to develop the areas that can be talked about in numbers.

Why can an action crazy succeed?

The reason why action crazy are able to succeed is that they do everything from 1 to 10, so they will someday get a “hit” (success factor).

Most people quit after about 1 to 3.

They don’t even finish what they set out to do.

Even if you only take in the attractive parts of the information you encounter, if the success factors are missing, they will not be converted into numbers.

Action crazy do “everything” without considering the factors. They do it all.

In addition, the following are points to further accelerate the growth rate.

  • Find a person who can act as a brain (advisor).
  • Create an organization that can handle a large amount of work to speed up the process of getting a bite.

Why can an observation crazy succeed?

The reason why observation crazy are able to succeed is that they are able to get more bites (success factors) with fewer moves.

They know what will work and what won’t work, so they can target the necessary elements from 1 to 10. That’s why you can achieve your goal in fewer moves.

They are just better at finding the center pin.

In addition, there are a number of factors that can accelerate your growth.

  • Do it yourself.
  • Having an action crazy under you.

If you have an action crazy as your employee, the speed will increase even more.

An observation crazy who combines action with self-discipline will outperform his rivals.

When both of these factors are present, results are achieved at an incredibly fast pace.

When you don’t have or can’t create both

If you can’t take action or observe that well, get a good consultant or advisor.

If you can’t do it yourself, get someone else to do it for you.

Don’t let your employee do the key part of sales.

If you make your employee do things that you cannot do, and they become able to do them, the turnover rate will increase. This is because there is no reason to stay in the company.

This is why you should delegate such tasks to external parties instead of your employees.

When delegating tasks to the employee

When delegating to the employee, clarify the compensation and position of the employee and provide them with a position that they will want to serve.