I have been appointed as an individual advisor to Ms. Satoko Oshima, the founder of the Piano Relaxation Method.

I have been appointed as an individual advisor to Mrs. Satoko Oshima, the founder of the Piano Relaxation Method.

I have known Ms. Oshima for almost two years now. It was through a mutual acquaintance that she applied for my business consulting service that I was offering at that time.

In fact, my mother was a piano teacher for a while, and I remember clearly that I felt a strong affinity with her from the beginning. At the same time, I stubbornly refused my mother’s offer to teach me if I wanted to learn, and when I was in high school I remembered the bitter memory of regretting it 😅.

So I thought, “Maybe I’ll learn too? I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

I started to get into music when I was a teenager, and I played bass and electronic guitar in a band because I adored one of the popular rock bands. It was at that time that I was attracted to piano and that’s when I started to regret it. I should have listened to my mother…” I thought.

Anyway, for the first year, my relationship with Mr. Oshima was that of consultant and client. After that, Mrs. Oshima told me that she wanted me to support him not only in the marketing area but also in the management area, and we spent about six months together to see if we were a good match.

As of 2022, more than 20 trainers under Mrs. Oshima are learning the Piano Relaxing Method. The teachers are working on practicing the method themselves and teaching it to children in their own classrooms.

At the same time, she experienced the difficulty of moving forward in step with others and the reality of friction and stress caused by members with different passions not moving in the same direction.

I decided to take on the job based on Mrs. Oshima’s abilities that I had seen in the past, her compatibility with me, her attitude that she wanted to expand her capacity as a founder and owner of the business, her approach to business, and the way she dealt with issues.

Mrs. Oshima has written a book, “Finger Training for Piano,” and has been published in Musica Nova (a piano magazine). She is also involved in individual courses for those who want to become professional pianists, and the Piano Relaxing Method Academy as an activity to spread the method to the public.

I believe that in this age of uncertainty and unpredictable future trends if you tackle the challenges correctly, you will not only grow as a person, but you will also grow as a business. So, I’m going to focus on expanding my own capacity in the same way.

Yuzuru Ishikawa
Small Business Growth Specialist | Director at Globalcube Limited | CMO for Kesae Total Balance: Beauty Massage Salon | I specialise in helping small local businesses that aspire to expand to a nationwide scale |