Avoiding Trouble Before it Starts

I want to talk about the idea of “not doing things that could cause problems if they get too big.”

Before we dive in, remember that this approach has its ups and downs, and it’s not the only right way to do things. It’s just one way I’ve learned from my own experiences.

Friend Discounts Pitfall

In the beauty massage salon business, we often face problems caused by good intentions. One common issue is offering discounts to friends.

It’s okay to give discounts to show appreciation to those who support us. For example, I offer free services to family members. But giving discounts to friends can become tricky.

Depending on how many friends our staff have, the number of people asking for discounts can grow too much. This can take away appointment slots from regular paying customers.

So, when it comes to friend discounts:

  • I try not to rely on them too much to prevent people from taking advantage.
  • I make sure to pay full price when I ask my friends for services.

If we don’t set clear limits, as our salon grows, these friend discounts, which were supposed to be special, can start causing problems for the whole business.

So, if we decide to offer them:

  • We might set a time limit, like only for the first year or only for staff who’ve been with us for a year.

Employee Birthday Celebrations Caution

I’ve had issues in the past with celebrating employees’ birthdays. It seems harmless at first, but it can cause complications.

The tricky part is involving other staff members. Some can join, while others can’t. Once we start celebrating one person’s birthday, everyone expects the same treatment.

Then, it becomes hard to manage everyone’s expectations. This can lead to frustration among staff members.

This mix of emotions, along with other factors, can eventually lead to someone quitting.

For smaller salons, it might not be a big deal, but as we grow, these well-meaning celebrations can ironically increase turnover.

Clear Vision, Clear Decisions

To avoid trouble, it’s essential to have a clear vision of what we want to achieve.

To do that, we need to clearly define the world we want to create and stick to it.

I recommend clearly stating our guiding principles. When we have a detailed vision of the future we want to create, it makes business decisions much easier.

Give it a try. Clarify what you will and won’t do, and work towards the future you envision.