Entrepreneurship/ Personal Development

Don’t be swayed by the opinions, accomplishments, and lifestyles of those around you; the answers are within you.

There was a time, I don’t remember exactly, but when I used to spend a lot of time facing myself.

At that time, I used to compare the changes in my thinking between myself 10 years ago and myself now.

One of the biggest changes compared to ten years ago was that I started to choose how to spend my days on my own judgment.

Even if someone tells me something, I can now have an axis that is not influenced by people or their opinions.

Because of the development of social networking and the ability to see and hear many opinions anytime, anywhere, I think many people are becoming unstable in their own way of being.

This makes us impatient, anxious, and depressed, but there is no need to compare ourselves with the people around us, it is ourselves that we need to face.

The reason why I can now hold my own axis without being swayed even if someone says something to me is that I have come to understand that the answer is inside of me and I can decide the right answer by myself.

I used to think that the answer was out there, but apparently, it had been inside me for a long time.

It was such a big realization for me that I now feel more confident making a decision or judgment by myself.

With this realization, I started to run the Japanese Cranial Massage Salon, currently 4 locations in NZ. Every aspect of my business is the reflection of my own value, not the value someone said to me to use. That is why I am running it so nice and comfortable and I should be because this is my business, not someone else.