Entrepreneurship/ Personal Development

Attitude and Mindset associated with Mission

I always keep those things below in mind as preparation and attitude towards my mission:

  • If you have a dream, pursue it.
  • Don’t panic if you don’t have a dream or goal right now. It’s okay.
  • “You were able to do it because you’re special” is not the case.
  • Dreams or goals that cannot be achieved cannot be genuinely desired or even thought of.

Develop the ability to achieve success

There is a way to achieve dreams and goals and I follow the steps every single time when I decide to challenge something new.

That is why I was able to open a beauty massage salon and work towards expanding it nationwide. That is the evidence of the power of this formula.

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Full disclosure, I must admit that there is no secret. I simply take more action than anyone else. I take massive action. The point is to design an environment where you are forced to take action so that you can honor continuity and consistency.

Do not make excuses when taking the first step

If you come across a chance, challenge, or goal that you think can lead to growth, and there is no risk involved, just do it.

I mention this because there are people out there, who cannot take action unless they create meaning in the challenge.

Of course, it’s important to have a reason behind your action and understand why you’re doing things. However, you should only do this when you’re taking on something that involves risks or something that involves people or bigger projects that comes with potentially huge damage.

I am bullish on

  • Do it because you want to.
  • Do it because you’re interested.
  • Do it because you don’t have anything else to do right now.

I think the initial motivation can go like this.

I myself am currently working towards the goal of “expanding the Kesae Total balance nationwide in New Zealand”

However, the reason I started was that my current business partner was my consulting client. She initially didn’t have any intention of growing her business nationwide, but she was happy with her beauty salon full of customers. However, when she think about how she can generate income after she retire from working as a therapist, there was no plan at all.

Also, she knew there is a demand from people like her to open the same type of business as a home-based therapist to earn income to make their lives better.

That is why we decided to scale our beauty massage salon.

We didn’t start with an ambitious vision, but we began to picture what we want to manifest with our beauty massage salon as we go in the building business.

Of course, once I started moving, I started to create the process from the ideal picture to fill the gap because I wanted to feel myself fully in and I wanted to be proud of what I am creating. since I’m going to do it anyway.

However, at first, as I said, it was a simple reason. You can start with:

  • I want more money.
  • I want to be popular.
  • I’m bored.
  • I want to pay off debt quickly

What’s important and what I alluded to earlier is to take the first step towards the opportunity for growth, challenge, and courage to try something.

I cannot emphasize enough on this because many people cannot do it.

If there is risk and you have to involve people…

When the risk is high, you really need to pause and take a moment to think and clarify the reason for the challenge instead of just simply going ahead because you just want to.

The reason you do this is because if you are not clear about the reason why you do this or that, you may break or give up in the middle of the challenge.

Of course, even that failure is an experience necessary to grow in the process of achieving something in the future. As you learn from mistakes that give us more space to develop the ability to succeed, you will be able to achieve your dreams and goals one after another.

When you think about a reason for the challenge, it’s good to create it from the perspective of “for oneself and for someone else.”

In the case of the national expansion of Kesae Total Balance, we are so clear about the reason for oneself and for someone else, such as creating a space for me and my business partner, creating a place for women who want work-life balance lifestyle, and allowing customers to feel secure even if they are relocated.

By having the reason why we do it for ourselves and others, it creates the back story that creates space for people to co-create the story of the business.

You need a story that touches, captures, resonates the heart of the people especially when you need to move people, handle large amounts of money, and when there is a risk.

If the meaning of the challenge is clear and there is a background (story) that moves the audience, more and more supporters and participants will join us. It may sound like a mental aspect, but it directly affects the speed to achieve the goal for sure.

I didn’t know how much impact the story will bring to the business, but I witnessed my clients whose projects hasn’t got any momentum at all, but all of a sudden moved radically because of the back story which he started to tell people who really resonated with it and co-create the momentum.

On top of that, in a world where products and services are so saturated that it is very difficult to differentiate your product from others in terms of quality because most of them out in the market are pretty decent quality.

That is when a back story kicks in. It cannot be replicated, it cannot be copied. Your back story is the only you who can create and those who resonates with your story rather than the product will stay with you as your loyal audience no matter what product you put out in the future.

Having a back story is such an important aspect in regard to the start, speed, and achievement rate of business efforts, so please keep it in mind.