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Local Business Growth Specialist: Yuzuru Ishikawa


Glolbalcube Marketing is a dedicated marketing agency committed to honesty and integrity. We believe that effective marketing should be straightforward and stress-free. By providing clear, direct communication, we ensure our clients fully grasp the value and impact of their marketing efforts. No fluff, no wasted time—just solid, actionable insights. Our mission is to equip you with the best information to make confident, informed decisions. These principles are the cornerstone of our company.


Our clients appreciate this approach, resulting in impressive returns and a deep understanding of their market dynamics. We are dedicated to achieving outstanding outcomes for everyone we work with. We invite you to explore our client testimonials below to see the positive experiences our partners have had with us.



Yuzuru is a very hands-on client/manager. He’s on top of the issues and focuses on client coordination which is definitely a big plus. I appreciate his straightforward approach. It’s a breath of fresh air. Wide range of experience and a very hard-working person. All the best!

LeahV DeG
Marketing Manager

Thanks to Yuzuru for his advice on how we can land new clients, we managed to get more new clients than ever. I knew that the reputation is important for any business to feel trust on us but knowing it and actually doing it is different. I now know how important reputation is by experiencing the benefit of having good reputation which drives more and more new clients. Appreciate his coaching, very precise and lots of concrete actionable advice.

Masum Ahmed

Yuzuru is a true innovator and trustworthy businessman.
We have worked together on a few projects with good results. He keeps me up to date and we work well together.
His SEO and Social Media Marketing has been beneficial in increasing traffic to our websites and reputation marketing helps new users to our websites gain trust in our products and services. The independent reviews have helped increase e-commerce business and build the brand.

Jeremy Pearson

About Yuzuru

Yuzuru has been a driving force in online marketing since 2010, bringing over two decades of business acumen to the digital world.

Yuzuru attended Soka High School and later Soka University, where he earned a degree in Law while seriously pursuing tennis, traveling to participate in tournaments. He needed to stop tennis when he had serious back injury that prompted him to go overseas to study English at Otago. He came back to Dunedin after graduating university. After four years as student councillor, he began studying Accounting at Massey University. There, he became interested in a marketing course, which eventually led him to start his online business at the age of 29.

His entry into online marketing involved creating new digital strategies for companies looking to expand their online presence—a challenging task in the early days of the internet. After nearly 10 years of successes and failures in this field, 2020 saw Yuzuru rebrand his marketing agency, focusing on helping local clients achieve their online marketing goals by scaling to nationside through tailored strategies.

Yuzuru is a dedicated family man with a supportive wife and three wonderful children and a dog who keep him grounded. He enjoys outdoor activities and playing tennis, although it’s becoming more challenging with age. A native of Tokyo, Yuzuru’s heart remains in his home city, and he is passionate about working with clients who value integrity and transparency in their marketing efforts.

Why use us to market your business?

At the cutting edge of contemporary marketing, we deeply understand what it takes to drive success for our clients. After all, your success is our priority. When you partner with us, you can look forward to 4 types of support:


There are 4 types of Marketing and Management support we provide through Globalcube Marketing.


  1. Crafting Strategy – We will craft a personalized strategy tailored to your business, product, and niche, harnessing the power of your authentic strengths.
  2. Optimising Funnel – We’ll assist in generating all funnel assets. There are unique formula we have developed through using my own resources to develop my own business.
  3. Social Media Ad Management – Our comprehensive approach encompasses messaging, copy, and creatives, ensuring seamless execution of ad campaigns.
  4. Ongoing Optimization and Strategy support – While data may seem overwhelming, we simplify it, making strategic decision-making straightforward.


The Business Globalcube Marketing work with

All of my businesses continue to grow, but it is not because I am doing anything special.

I just follow the fundamental principles of the business and accumulate efforts as a matter of course.

It’s a natural result of designing things to accumulate success, drafting action plans so that you don’t get lost or worried along the way, and then doing everything we can to keep the promises we’ve made to ourselves.

  • Chief Marketing Officer for Kesae Total Balance – Beauty massage salon (currently operating massage business in 10 areas within 3 years)
  • Social Media Marketing Management & Business Management Consultant for the investment company driving $20 million in annual revenue, currently 7 locations nationwide
  • Marketing Consultant for the building company driving $20 million in annual revenue
  • Social Media Marketing Manager for the restaurant & cooking school
  • Marketing & Management Consultant for the farm driving $1 million in annual revenue
  • Ex Official Member of Forbes Business Council – Member of a business group of business leaders and entrepreneurs. He also contributes an article to Forbes once a month.

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If we cannot meet each other in physical location, we will send you the Zoom link individually after you have applied and we have adjust our schedule.

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